Applications the future today

In this modern world there are a few things that never change and those are the things that you can depend on.

People and Change.
Sounds a little funny right, but when you think about it, that is the truth people do not like to change but change is the natural order.

Applications are the future of what once was limited to your desktop. 


Now you can watch the internet on your TV…
The most important thing to remember about where the future of Websites and consumption of information is headed is that there are more Cell Phones in use than there are toothbrushes.

Think about that for a moment. 


More people use cellphones on a daily basis than brush their teeth.

While that might sound somewhat humorous the truth about the future of your business might be directly tied to customers who use cell phones to find and do business with retail locations.


building mobile websites

Back in 1999 there were almost ZERO businesses around albany ga that had a website, most of them thought it was just never going to catch on.

They were wrong, but now that some do have websites most are not well developed and also do not have a mobile website.

More people are on mobile internet than are on the desktop at home.

When they shop now they search online with their cell phones.

Get a Mobile Website.


You see there are more Cellphones than there are desktop computers.

When people need to make a purchase often its on the spur of the moment, they might well be right around the corner from your location but they do not know that.

They might be your new customer!

But if you do not have a mobile website the chances of getting them into your store are a lot lower than you think it is.


wordpress websites

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS tools for publishing.

With publications such as the New York Times, website using WordPress, it is no longer just a backwater project.

WordPress products and services are in high demand but the real question is about what wordpress can do for your business.


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Mobile buyers are looking for your business

MOBILE it is more than just a fad it is the future and it is happening now.
More people access the internet every day, they look for products they want to purchase.

They look for deals, coupons, ease of access.

If your business does not have a mobile website those customers who are looking for your business will not be able to have the opportunity to choose.

This is a big problem in an economy where every sale counts, competition becomes more of an issue.

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Everything changes

 The truth about the world and doing business in it is that everything does change. 

There are some amazing things that are all around us if we could only slow down long enough to see them, In life nothing stays the same everything changes and that is what the world is all about, Change.


App store applications

Apps are getting hot and small business owners have mostly ignored the app market.

The truth about applications is clear millions of downloads every day.

That is what your business should be thinking about.

There are so many things you can do from loyalty rewards to coupons and more.

All at the touch of their phones.

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mobile buyers

More people are finding the merchandise, products and services they want and need by mobile phone searching.

Yes, it is changing faster than a lot of industry insiders thought that it would.


The truth about the future of how brick and mortar stores do business may be something that could well decide the success or failure of your long term business.

Were not saying your business will fail if you do not have a mobile website but it is something to consider.

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Mobile Development

Everything we see in the market tells us that mobile development is where your business needs to go in order to be competitive in the near future.

Most business owners do not even have a website much less a mobile website or a mobile application even though we know that more people are shopping and finding services they want to purchase using a mobile device.
Most business owners do not realize just how important it can be to get up to date in the use of technology.

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developing websites updating content

Managing your website and how you can develop better content.

These days, just about everyone has a website, but how effective are those fly by night $4 buck websites anyway?

If you do not really have a domain name and you just have this sort of odd subdomain for 4 bucks how much is that really worth anyway?

Creating a website is often more about what you want to do than what that website looks like.

You can own and operate an affordable website with just a few hours work.

When you first begin to consider creating a website, what is the first thing that you should consider?

Is it hosting, is it a domain name? [Read more...]

Creating a website is easy…

Years ago the process of creating a website was difficult and expensive…

The average cost was around ten thousand dollars for a five page basic website then you would have to pay for graphics to be developed, content was even more expensive.

If you wanted programming then you could expect to pay up to one hundred thousand dollars and even more for large corporate websites.

These days you can get a cheap website for around $40 or even  less…

A more complex website is still going to cost you $500 or more even now when everything is so much cheaper. [Read more...]