Websites are becoming one of the most exclusive methods of reaching new customers and keeping the ones you already have. 

All you have to do is to look around at all the brick and mortar locations that are available and the price they want for rent is insanity. 

The reason why the rent is so prohibitive is simply due to companies and leasing agents that have not kept up with the times. 

They still believe that they are in 1979 when rents were high and they have not changed the way they do business at all. 

Even after looking at businesses closing the Mall still is seeking leases at excess of $8500.00 for the smallest location in the mall. 

Think about it, the Mall is a ghost town, crime rates around malls have risen dramatically. 

Who wants to visit a place where you might not see anyone else visiting the mall until after 12 PM. 

Websites offer customers the ability to shop on their phones and on their computers. 

Many successful business have seen this and have begun to close down brick and mortar locations in favor of distribution centers. 

These centers can be located in areas where the rent or lease is much lower in fact so much lower that Sams and many other retail locations

have begun to look at distribution online instead of a retail location. 

What this means to the business person is that a website is no longer something that you can afford to ignore.